Payments / eTransfers (Midland Penetang Baseball)

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Player Registration Payments can be made via E-transfer

Send e-Transfers to: [email protected]

E-transfer Comment: Enter Player Name, Division 

E-transfer Question: What sport are we playing

E-transfer Answer: baseball

Payment Schedule:

Select Teams (9U,11U,13U) and 22U:    Deposit $50  Due Fri. June 18
  Balance $110 Due  Fri. July 2

 House League Teams (6U and 9U)
 and Travelling team (11U,13U,15U,18U)
: Deposit $50 Due Mon. June 21
Balance 6U: $40 Due Fri. July 2
            9U: $50 Due Fri. July 2
  11U: $80 Due Fri. July 2
  13U: $80 Due Fri. July 2
  15U: $100 Due Fri. July 2
  18U: $100 Due Fri. July 2