Game Coaching (Midland Penetang Baseball)

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Here is a form I have used for years to keep my players organized and to keep the games moving.
It takes a bit of planning prior to the game but pays BIG dividends.

  • Players know where they are going each inning. No more time wasted calling out positions one by one
  • Players are prepared. Catchers get the gear on ahead of time. Pitchers know when to warm up.
  • Players have something to look forward to. They can see that even though they may be sitting one inning, they will get to play shortstop or pitch later in the game.
  • Players can see that you are being fair because they can see the whole game plan

Just fill in your batting order and positions for each player inning by inning. Then post on a clip board or tape to the screen as soon as you get to the park.


  • Use a pencil!!! Despite your best plans an injury or a no show will mean you have to make changes.
  • Make a second copy for yourself or your scorekeeper.